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Boundary-defying Duo Alto uses interdisciplinary means, integrating movement and theatrical elements in performances and exploring electronic manipulations expanding the sound pallet of the two instruments. 

In this project, the Duo brings an entirely fresh creation to the stage, the fruit of a collaborative process of the performers with three unique composers.

Omri Abram, Sivan Eldar, and Mathieu Corajod are all highly regarded for their signature styles and share a fascination with the interdisciplinary possibilities the performers offer.

In light of the decrease in cultural events due to Covid-19, the duo offers a new live experience that cannot be portrayed through a screen; using surround sound and emphasizing the spatial aspect of performance will engage the audience in a tangible way.

The duo engages a wide audience by altering the standard concert format from a collection of pieces into a cohesive “show” taking into account all aspects of perception.

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