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In classical music, the format of a "concert" is well established and known. One of the advantages of contemporary music, one of the many subgenres of classical music, is the possibility of being presented in a similar format, but not necessarily. As a new contemporary music ensemble, Duo Alto seeks to further develop this format and adapt it to the music in which it specializes and to the new audience that listens to it.
Duo Alto is composed of two voices, flute and saxophone. This unique formation brings together two contrasting sound worlds. Although similar in the variety of instruments (sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor, baritone saxophone and piccolo, C flute, alto, and bass flute), the sounds that each brings to the stage are particular and unique for each instrument. The saxophone is in itself a relatively new instrument in the world of classical music, and the flute is reinventing its identity through the repertoire of contemporary music and the discovery of new techniques in the way of playing.
In the Miroirs project, Duo Alto exploits the concept of "reflection". A mirror represents a visual image of oneself. It is a unique image that is found only at that moment. A relationship develops with this image, and like any relationship, it contains both positive and negative feelings.
In this project, Duo Alto translates these feelings into performance using its new sound universe and theatrical elements. 

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