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Call for Projects

Duo Alto invites composers of all ages, nationalities, and styles to collaborate on our new micro-multimedia commission project.

The project will consist of up to 5 short pieces written for the two instruments (flute/saxophone) intended to be featured as video clips, produced by the duo, in collaboration with the composers.


Duration of each piece: maximum 150 seconds

Instrumentation: Flute (piccolo, flute in C, alto flute, bass flute) Saxophone (soprano, alto, tenor, baritone), and optional electronics (no live electronics, only tape).
There is no application fee.
Winning prize: 100 Euros per commission Up to 5 proposals will be selected.

Documents to be submitted:
1. CV in table format, PDF file
2. A short description of your artistic vision, interests, and experience
3. 1-2 scores for pieces which preferably include woodwind instruments, with recordings/videos (optional, recommended). 4. Written concept of the piece and video for this project.

Complete applications are to be submitted digitally:
Application deadline: 7 October, 2022

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